We are GO on IndieGoGo crowdfunding


Things are happening and you can help. Check out our Crowdfund project on IndieGoGo . We’ve committed to a small production run and be able to invite people to support right now. Basically it is a super good deal on a pair of Bamboo Shades of your choice (4 styles with colours and lenses to select) in exchange for your donation. You’ll also be a ‘Founder’ and included forever in our company bio as such.

It would be great if you got yourself or someone you like a pair of shades but if you’re not up for that there’s lots more you can do if you want to help. Leave a supportive comment on the crowdfund page, heck do the same on our facebook page and ‘like us’ perhaps, or send a tweet @corvusfittings , tell a friend about it, or just think positively and keep on doing what you’re doing.

Sustainable style arriving to shops mid-June, best to get yours early!