Rx is possible with Gill, Drift and Newmad of the ‘Family Edition’

We’ve been working on this for awhile now and finally can offer special models of the Gill, Drift and Newmad with interchangeable lenses and the ability to get your own prescription lenses fitted!

Models that have interchangeable lenses and Prescription ready

You asked for interchangeable or Rx compatible frames and we got ’em. We have the Drift (Tan, Chocolate and Black), Gill (chocolate)¬†and Newmad (chocolate) in our online shop soon (email us if you’re super keen to try them out).

Today we can send you a pair and you can get your preferred Optometrist to get lenses with your Rx and in the correct shape. You will love how light the bamboo frames are on your face but be certain to remind your lens fitter to be careful as the natural fibres are not as flexible as oil based plastics so it needs to be just right.

Temple of Corvus Fittings Gill frame has a small cut and screw

The cut is aligned with the grain and barely noticeable but when you unscrew it you can safely swap lenses, either the ones we include or your own Rx lenses

Maybe you’re just living in a climate (like Vancouver) that warrants some dark polarized lenses for our awesome summer (August) and then some lighter tints for the grey days of the rest of the year. We refer to our lighter lenses of the Auburnd Faded Gradient and the Auburn Polarized as ‘Vancouver Specials’. Ideal for any light condition and guaranteed to ameliorate your outlook on any day!

Gill of the Interchangeable and prescription lens frames of Corvus Fittings

Here’s a look at the Gill from below where you can see the very small hole with the screw that enable you to swap out the lenses

The Drift (and the Newmad) have the seam in the middle of the frame so that only one screw is required

The Drift and the Newmad have only one screw that holds both Lenses in place with the seam barely noticeable as it is in line with the grain of the bamboo