It’s ON!!! April Update


All is well with Corvus Fittings, how are you doing? We’ve sorted out all the details to move to our first production run and we’re running with it!

Big thanks to everyone who has generously contributed their input, ideas and hardwork and now we’re getting requests for actual product. Rest assured the “Founders’ Edition” will be available to all of you.

CrowdFunding was suggested many times, specifically Kickstarter but that is for Americans only so we’re setting up a project on . We’ve set a very modest goal of 1200 to ensure our success but our stretch goal is to raise about 4 times that amount to offset the large investment made to date.

We’re hoping to keep the retail price in stores under $100 and hope you see the pricing as a fair value since most of you haven’t physically tried them on yet. The polarized lenses are more expensive but input suggested it worth investing in. The all brown and brown faded lenses are so comfortable on the eyes. You feel like a rockstar and you look like one too!