Corvus Fittings @ Sunset Beach NC

We’re doing some heavy product testing here at Sunset Beach North Carolina.We’ve been┬árecklessly swimming and surfing each day with our shades on. It’s kind of like when you drop the frisbee, you have to look around in the breaking waves but then there they are sitting on the surface. I don’t recommend full on surfing unless you don’t wipe out very often. I got pitched over the falls and didn’t do a good job of locating my customized pair of Nomads.

I guess we could also call it a ‘vacation’ but lots of serious biz going on simultaneously.

Hey Sunset Beach, if you found a Vanilla pair of Bamboo aviators that have “are you happy?…NO MAD!!!” written on the side, maybe I can swap you for a brand new pair!

Also, big props to the namesake of the model, my Victoria Nomads Frisbee Club that is representing Canada at the Worlds Ultimate Championships in Japan