Do they Float? YES THEY FLOAT!

Here’s some science you can do at home. This is H20, filled to a depth off over 20cm. Now drop you Bamboo Corvus shades in.


Bamboo Corvus Sunglasses float

Bamboo Sunglasses by Corvus floating

Never a lose a pair to river, lake or sea again. We’ll be offering customized engraving so you could also have your name on your pair so they can find their way home if they drift away.

They’re all here and the kids are digging them…

Dash Chocolate Corvus Bamboo

what the cool kids are wearing - Dash Chocolate with Brown lens

Gill, Drift and Nomad finally showed up so we have a full line. Now to get that frickin’ online store working!!! If you’re keen to get your Founders’ Edition before we start to run out of some models send me an email and I’ll set aside your style (thanks to you who have already). JB.

The Dash has arrived!

Here’s some shots of the Dash in Chocolate and Vanilla. Can’t wait for the other models to arrive (they should be here any time now, come on delivery man!)

Time flies when you’re having fun!

We are very stoked that everyone got in early to get themselves some stylish sustainable shades. We got support from across the globe! Corvus Fittings is launching and we are now just awaiting final word on our delivery date. We have been working towards June 18th but they could come in earlier.

Big thanks to everyone!

We are GO on IndieGoGo crowdfunding


Things are happening and you can help. Check out our Crowdfund project on IndieGoGo . We’ve committed to a small production run and be able to invite people to support right now. Basically it is a super good deal on a pair of Bamboo Shades of your choice (4 styles with colours and lenses to select) in exchange for your donation. You’ll also be a ‘Founder’ and included forever in our company bio as such.

It would be great if you got yourself or someone you like a pair of shades but if you’re not up for that there’s lots more you can do if you want to help. Leave a supportive comment on the crowdfund page, heck do the same on our facebook page and ‘like us’ perhaps, or send a tweet @corvusfittings , tell a friend about it, or just think positively and keep on doing what you’re doing.

Sustainable style arriving to shops mid-June, best to get yours early!


Re: Hit the Accelerator

My new indoor office space at the HackHut is going great but when I saw this expansive wall free space I just had to get myself some of that summer outdoor office.

no walls and plenty of fresh air

photo thanks to Yoshie

update: office space has been trashed. dang. it was trash all along but I miss it already.

Hit the Accelerator!

Proud to share some cool news, I’m officially in the HackHut! <now called Launch Academy>. It’s the grassroots incubator/accelerator here in Vancouver currently offering desk space and mentorship (and measurement) for start ups.

Alas, my multitude of chairs and desks around the city will get less traffic by me. My ‘coff-ice’ is about to be more coffee and less office!

It’s ON!!! April Update


All is well with Corvus Fittings, how are you doing? We’ve sorted out all the details to move to our first production run and we’re running with it!

Big thanks to everyone who has generously contributed their input, ideas and hardwork and now we’re getting requests for actual product. Rest assured the “Founders’ Edition” will be available to all of you.

CrowdFunding was suggested many times, specifically Kickstarter but that is for Americans only so we’re setting up a project on . We’ve set a very modest goal of 1200 to ensure our success but our stretch goal is to raise about 4 times that amount to offset the large investment made to date.

We’re hoping to keep the retail price in stores under $100 and hope you see the pricing as a fair value since most of you haven’t physically tried them on yet. The polarized lenses are more expensive but input suggested it worth investing in. The all brown and brown faded lenses are so comfortable on the eyes. You feel like a rockstar and you look like one too!