What’s the Warranty Policy?

Our policy is that we want you to be happy. We’ve had things break in shipping so if the first two weeks of receiving your product there’s an issue not related to you squashing them let us know and we’ll sort it out.

See the section on ‘wear and care’ for how to best make your frames last. Number one is remembering they are made of natural fibres and more prone to crack or break than plastics.

If you do happen to have an accident and end up cracking or breaking the frames, it can be rather depressing. I know when my vintage Vaurnet’s cracked on a cold day it was like my dog died. These things happen.

We want to help you be happy. If you feel it was some sort of manufacturing defect please let us know. Send us an email of what went down, some pics and we’ll figure out what we can do. Repairing them is always an option and we can help with that. Rest assured we’ll do what ever it takes to keep you a loyal customer and we’ll even replace them at cost.