Wear and Care?

These are made of natural fibres, so wear them and show you care for the earth enough to move to more sustainable materials. Do remember they are going be to a little more fragile than traditional eyewear materials. Number one is doing your best not to squash them. We strongly encourage you put them in a case when you’re not wearing them.

Although we are proud that they float, we don’t encourage leaving them in water. For gosh sakes, if you drop in the ocean, pick them up, dry them off, and put back on your face.

Oh, for those in extreme temperatures, these are natural products so they relax and constrict with heat and cold. Unless you’re walking off the streets of Miami into the deep freeze this won’t be an issue but we wanted to mention it. If you are putting them in your jacket pocket while snowboarding at Whistler, well, know that they will be cold and therefore more brittle. Again, we suggest a case.

Otherwise, wear them, look good, see good and show you care for the earth a little more than using plastic for everything.