Here’s some info from questions we’ve got so far. Let us know what you want to know hey@corvusfittings.com

Who are you?

We’re just some peeps from the Pacific Northwest who have an interest in design and biz. Corvus Fittings is our brand for our first product line of bamboo eyewear but we’ve got timepieces coming together shortly and loads of ideas for what comes next. We’d also like to hear what you think though tell us what you want/need/dream.

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What’s the Warranty Policy?

Our policy is that we want you to be happy. We’ve had things break in shipping so if the first two weeks of receiving your product there’s an issue not related to you squashing them let us know and we’ll sort it out.

See the section on ‘wear and care’ for how to best make your frames last. Number one is remembering they are made of natural fibres and more prone to crack or break than plastics.

If you do happen to have an accident and end up cracking or breaking the frames, it can be rather depressing. I know when my vintage Vaurnet’s cracked on a cold day it was like my dog died. These things happen.

We want to help you be happy. If you feel it was some sort of manufacturing defect please let us know. Send us an email of what went down, some pics and we’ll figure out what we can do. Repairing them is always an option and we can help with that. Rest assured we’ll do what ever it takes to keep you a loyal customer and we’ll even replace them at cost.

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Wear and Care?

These are made of natural fibres, so wear them and show you care for the earth enough to move to more sustainable materials. Do remember they are going be to a little more fragile than traditional eyewear materials. Number one is doing your best not to squash them. We strongly encourage you put them in a case when you’re not wearing them.

Although we are proud that they float, we don’t encourage leaving them in water. For gosh sakes, if you drop in the ocean, pick them up, dry them off, and put back on your face.

Oh, for those in extreme temperatures, these are natural products so they relax and constrict with heat and cold. Unless you’re walking off the streets of Miami into the deep freeze this won’t be an issue but we wanted to mention it. If you are putting them in your jacket pocket while snowboarding at Whistler, well, know that they will be cold and therefore more brittle. Again, we suggest a case.

Otherwise, wear them, look good, see good and show you care for the earth a little more than using plastic for everything.

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Where are you located?

We’re in Vancouver BC Canada. We’ve got an office at 116 West Hastings but our mailing address is : 5 East 10th Ave, Van BC V5T 1Y9.

If you’re in town drop us a note!

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Are these Canadian made?

We’re proudly Cascadian and Canadian. All the design and operations are based here in Vancouver. We’re working hard to move our production here too but for the time being we’re stuck using the manufacturing plant of the world, China. Thankfully we’ve got an amazing manufacturing partner so that makes for a great working relationship for all of our team members. We are happy that they are a responsible manufacturer and employer; while we don’t love having to ship things across the Pacific, we are closer than most regions in the world.

We’ve got plans to get these certified ‘made in Canada’ in the future for our premium line and hopefully for all price points too. For now we appreciate the support and we hope that you appreciate the value we pass on to you.

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What about the lenses?

They lenses are stellar. Optical grade CR39 Polycarbonate makes everything easy on the eyes. We’ve got tapered edges for improved pure optic clarity without distortion just like the big guys.

Tints for now are Brown, Faded Brown and the Smoke Polarized. For those that don’t know about polarized lenses they are the ones that eliminate glare (there’s a lot more science behind how that is done, something about certain waves of light being filtered). They are ideal for all conditions from blue bird day on the glacier to the grey day on coast. Oh, and if you fish, they are the ones that let you see through the surface of the water. Regardless of the application, polarized lenses are stellar and worth the little bit of extra money they cost.

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Can you swap lenses or remove/replace with Rx?

Alas no. Unlike plastics, bamboo doesn’t have that same ability to stretch to accommodate removing of the lenses to swap or replace with prescription. We’re working on a way to do custom orders that would include Rx lenses but for now it’s just the lenses we have.

Based on this great input we’re planning future models with sets of interchangeable lenses.

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Who are the “Founders”?

The Founders are the people that got on board early. We did a crowdfund to get us started out and these people got on board with financial support to make this venture a reality! Huge Thanks to all Founders. There will be other benefits coming once we get this biz rolling!

  • Hilary Dunn (special thanks sister!)
  • Matt Klompstra (big thanks brother!)
  • Dawn Ursuliak
  • Leanne Fulton
  • Holly Arthur
  • Fred Ghatala
  • Peter Atkinson
  • Levi Cooperman
  • Campbell MacDonald
  • Jesse Puddicombe
  • Adrian Liem
  • Geoffrey Wherrett
  • Matt Deane
  • Meredith Powell
  • Melissa Kirby
  • Thomas Lancaster
  • David Ritchie
  • Jeremie Kuypers
  • Martin Wrigglesworth
  • Duncan MacDonald
  • Raefel Immerman
  • Colleen Dickson
  • Will Ranson
  • Linda Gibbs
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Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do! Or more accurately we will as the occasion arises so let us know what you need (hey (at) corvusfittings.com )

Our online store is sort of limited so we’re going to add ‘International Shipping’ as a different product until we figure out how to better organize this.

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