We Are Local, and so are you!

The genuinely rad folks at We Are Local have a Pop Up shop on Main Street for the next few weeks. They’ve curated a stellar assortment of products from local merchants. It’s like the highlight reel of cool pieces from all the independent shops around the town. Too many shops to list but our friends at Lut Boutique mentioned we should go and meet them.

Dean and Daniela are amazing folks! Go see them and their quality wares. Oh, and they have the styles of our Family Edition!

Nomads, Newmads and Oldmads

The Newmads our updated Aviator for the Nomad

Like the new member of the family, they are the Newmads

I’m officially an “Oldmad”. It’s determined by birth year on my team, the Nomads. We won the World Championship this year in Japan. This marked the official conclusion of over two decades of Ultimate but we look forward to decades more of the brotherhood of Nomads.

As you may have guessed the “Nomad” is a nod to my brothers. We’ve updated our aviator frame and in another nod to my brothers, those like myself who have joined the team years into our existence, we have called them the “Newmad”, since they are the new addition to the brotherhood.

Are you HAPPY?!?!?! NO MAD!!!!

Our new HQ

An amazing new HQ for Corvus Fittings!

There’s a mansion on the hill!

Corvus Fittings was conceived while spending many days touring around the backcountry so we think it’s more than fitting (oh, bad pun) that we should move our headquarters there. While on a recent hike we think we’ve found an ideal new office. Tough commute but darn worth it.

Oh Summer, how we love thee…

…let me count the ways: long days, heat waves, skinny dips, cold beers, good friends…ahhhhhhh.

We’ve been savoring the days and enjoying plenty of product testing on rivers, lakes and oceans. We’ve also been working on some new styles, colours and lenses. We’ve been listening so more polarized lenses and new stains to our frames.

More on this soon but we’re planning new stuff for late September. Until then, keep enjoying all that the season has to offer!

Corvus Fittings @ Sunset Beach NC

We’re doing some heavy product testing here at Sunset Beach North Carolina.We’ve been recklessly swimming and surfing each day with our shades on. It’s kind of like when you drop the frisbee, you have to look around in the breaking waves but then there they are sitting on the surface. I don’t recommend full on surfing unless you don’t wipe out very often. I got pitched over the falls and didn’t do a good job of locating my customized pair of Nomads.

I guess we could also call it a ‘vacation’ but lots of serious biz going on simultaneously.

Hey Sunset Beach, if you found a Vanilla pair of Bamboo aviators that have “are you happy?…NO MAD!!!” written on the side, maybe I can swap you for a brand new pair!

Also, big props to the namesake of the model, my Victoria Nomads Frisbee Club that is representing Canada at the Worlds Ultimate Championships in Japan www.wugc2012.org


We were swamped! Our first public launch drew a huge crowd all day and so many new ‘Founders’ buying pairs of Corvus. When things were calmer I tried to get some video of the crowd and comments, here’s a collection.

There’s even a celebrity in here (seriously, from a crazy successful web comedy).