Welcome to Corvus!

Family Edition has arrived…

 almost all our new styles and colours

Each member of the “Family Edition”, our second edition of Corvus Fittings, still needs to get their portraits taken and into our catalogue. We’re working on that as you read this. Check our online store for more photos. Thanks for your support!

Dash Gill Nomad and Drift hanging at the beach

Sun came out finally so we took some pics

Corvus Fittings is a dream, realized.

We make things. Bamboo eyewear is what we’ve got going right now but we’re planning timepieces next and other ‘fittings’ to come soon.

We’re just getting started here. Iif you want to keep current see our blog.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Corvus!

  1. love the shades!! just bought a pair at Grassroots in Toronto…keep up the great work guys.

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